We Sandblast Engrave Natural Rock & Boulders ON SITE  
 On Site -  Clients Property 
We recommend stacking to improve visibility in snow country. 
- We design a photoshop draft with number(s) & lettering.
- After the client approves the final design schematics we complete the computer graphics, layout and font size. 
- The design is then cut out of a special sandblast resist rubber stencil matesrial. We recommend
the boulders be sandblasted to remove all mud, stains and recent surface scars. Next the rock is cleaned and detailed.
- A special bonding agent is applied to enable the rubber stencil to adhear to the rock and withstand extreme blasting velocity. The stencil material is positioned on the rock to compliment the rock surface and shape of the boulder.
- The sandblasting begins and continues along until the desired appearance and depth has been achieved. Hours later the stone is then cleaned of all sand and dust and prepared for painting.
- Three coats of a proven quality black gloss UV paint is applied. Each coat is applied in four different directions to obtain optimum coverage.
- The paint is allowed to cure and the rubber stencil is removed. 
- A final clean up of the boulder and the work area is completed 
    and then it's finished
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A sketch is worked out with the client. 
The same steps are taken as detailed in the left margin 
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Final cleaning still to be completed in a few days
Mobile Sandblast Engraving
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