Every project is unique and designed
to serve the individual needs of our client. 

Our Services include:
Custom designed graphics and lettering
sandblasted into a:
      > residential address stone
      > commercial building address stone
      > building corner stone
all of which can be designed to suit our clients request.

> Mobile: On Site Sandblast Engraving
  Personalized accent stones, rocks, or signs
       for home, business or lake house.

Other Accociated Services:
    >Mobile Masonry service  to Install Custom Address Stones
Pet Memorial stones & small Monument Stones
      designed and detailed to your request.

12" x 24" x 3.5" address stone
  Engraved Lettering 26" high  x  44"  long
Pet Monument Stones in random sizes,
granite, river rock or pre-cast concrete.
          Mobile :  On Site Sandblast Engraving
Key Stones                Quoin Stones        
Custom Key stone engraving
.                         Mobile : On Site
Custom Sandblast  Engraving  Boulders
  40" x 26" irregular
Call  now  705-795-0018,        Keith LaBUTE GM 
10" x 20 x 3.5" address stone