We can offer home owners who have an existing brick home and wish to have one of our custom cultured engraved address stones installed into their present home a simple solution .
We  can refer a sklled mason who is experienced in these installations. On average a skilled mason can complete the installation in a couple of hours.  After a few days the new mortar dries and blends in perfectly to the existing brick or stone work.

           After the ISTALLATION of our standard
            12" x 24" x 3.5" Custom Address Stone.

Below client selected the area above the doors.

A skilled Mason attends. Consults with the client regarding the exact location of the installation and then commences the process.  The rectangular area where the stone is to be inlayed is first cut with a diamond saw.  Next the bricks are carefully chipped out.   Mortar is applied to your new sandblast engraved address stone and then it’s inlayed into the wall. The mortar line is trawled and finished off.    The work area is cleaned up and the installation is complete. 
On average the process takes
only a couple of hours.
Existing home owners now have the option to installed a custom address stone  into their current brick  home.
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